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Suzhou Aosuo Home Elevator Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that designs, produces and sells various types of elevators based on the design concept of German technology products.


Ossur enhances home quality, comfortable and contemplates private space


Ossur home elevator

Has a number of invention patents in the field of lifting equipment

Provide solutions for a variety of non-standard problems

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Suzhou Aosuo Home Elevator Exhibition Hall

Ossur is a AOSO from Italy. It is a high-end home elevator brand with a non-standard custom leading market. Suzhou Ossur Home Elevator Co., Ltd. was established in China. Suzhou Aosuo Home Elevator Co., Ltd. is located in the Suzhou Wujiang Economic Development Zone of the elevator industry cluster. With the advanced domestic elevator technology of AOSO and years of R&D experience, relying on the industrial chain advantage of the elevator industry cluster, it has rapidly grown into a unique advantage in the industry. Home elevator manufacturing service provider. The company works closely with the Italian AOSO Elevator R&D design team to provide private customized services for individual customers, creating flexible and free home elevator solutions for customers in a limited building space.

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